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 Joe Charron is a Canadian songsmith, born and raised in Ontario, now living in  Vancouver, BC, Canada. He has just released his fifth album called: This Place Called Home.


"THIS PLACE CALLED HOME, is the title of Joe Charron's fifth CD in which his strong voice is the pitch perfect medium for its 13 tracks. Like old cowboys and poets, Joe packs a whole lot of meaning into just a few simple words. Those old verities, love, honour, pity, pride, sacrifice and compassion are played out in scenes where often the human heart is in conflict with itself. Here are loners, lovers, drifters, dreamers and wanderers facing life's uncertainties with as much courage as they can.

Joe's keen eye and ear for iconic settings, old stone fences, a single rose on a kitchen table, deserted barns, two-lane highways, the sound of a fiddle in the next room, a blackbird on the wing... even the moon in June, all combine to evoke those places where, taking our chances, we ourselves once walked a little bit lost, a little bit lonesome, a long way from home. Yes, all that's in there and with a great band to boot, you've got yourself a CD that you can leave in permanent rotation on the player."


-Don Davidson, Vancouver, BC

This Place Called Home

"Your CD is great. I love your sound; clear, strong yet gentle voice. Love the story songs... it's wonderful!"

- Pat Moore, Canadian Spaces, CKCU, Ottawa.

Sample tracks:

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