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One of my great passions has always been trying to capture my surroundings with a camera in an interesting or unique way.

I have always found perspective compelling and the natural environment grounding. I have a large collection of original prints that I have decided to share starting with greeting cards. At a later date I may decide to offer them as framed prints as well.


I hope you will find them interesting enough that, when you need a card to send a message to someone you care about, you will consider sending them one of my original prints.

They will be available on the merch table at my shows as singles or as box sets and at:

Mountain Ash berries. Kistsilano BC

Beaver Tree, Wilson's Falls, Bracebridge, Ont.

Lilypad Pond, Hwy 169 near Torrance, Ontario.

Moon over Bonaparte River, Ahscroft BC.

Wilson's Falls, Bracebridge, Ontario.

Winter sky, Carpe Diem ranch

Upper Hat Creek, BC

Old Barn. Hekkla, Ontario.

Rosseau River, Hekkla, Ontario.


Relic piano, Baykey Ranch, Boulder Mtn. Road, near

Barriere, BC

These cards are blank inside so

you can add your own personal


High bush Cranberries, Muskoka River, Bracebridge,


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