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Well hasn't 2020 turned out to be an interesting year. The music industry may never be the same... not that it didn't clearly need some fundamental changes. But I'm sure we can all agree that we didn't see this one coming.

Small music venues are always hanging on by the seat of their pants at any given time and many of them may not survive this pandemic. Artists are finding a whole year's worth of work cancelled and are having to come up with ceative ways to do things differently... like virtual concerts and live streaming with "tip jars". For instance, I will still be performing at the 39 DAYS OF JULY festival in Duncan, BC but it will be a live stream from Longevity John's iconic Duncan Showroom. And while I still have one live gig left on the calendar for September 26th at the Muskoka Place Gallery in Port Carling, Ontario, we'll have to see how that stands up. Meanwhile we appreciate your support by attending events online, dropping a few bucks in the 'tip jar' and continuing to buy cds and merchandise.

I wish you all health and safety during this strange and trying time and sincerely hope to see you all soon along the trail.


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